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How to place and inspect semi-finished glass produced by tempering furnace

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The tempered glass is heated to a certain temperature in the furnace (reaching the softening point 610 C) and then rapidly cooling to make the glass surface hardened and contracted, the outer layer produces pressure stress, and the inner layer produces Zhang Yingli, in order to increase the mechanical strength and thermal stability of the glass.
Properties of tempered glass
Tempered glass is a glass reinforced by physical or other means to produce compressive stress layers on the surface of ordinary glass. His mechanical strength is 4-5 times as high as that of ordinary glass. The tempered glass can be abrupt to 250 to 320 degrees C. After the broken glass is broken, the steel glass is small in the net of obtuse angle. It is not easy to hurt people with a certain safety, but at the same time the tempered glass also has the characteristics of self detonation.
1. Pay attention to the examination and understanding of drawings, especially for glass with trumpet holes and asymmetric glass.
Glass or screen glass with holes or irregular glass must be carefully re examined.
2, bend steel must pay attention to the furnace direction and positive aspects, strictly according to the drawings.
3, the off-line Low-E glass should be executed according to the requirements of off-line Low-E toughening operation.
4. When cleaning the ordinary coated glass, pay attention to the cleaning of the film, wash it with alcohol, and pay special attention to not having fingerprints.
5, the glass used for interlayer will be placed in the same direction in the same direction before and after the attention of the two furnaces.
6. In order to increase the loading rate, the flat tempered glass with the same thickness can be produced in the same furnace, requiring that each furnace should not be below 7.
7, brush the trademark according to the position required by the instruction. If there is no specific requirement, the fire-resistant glass should use a special fireproof trademark if required by the quality department.
8, if there are unqualified semi-finished products should be promptly discarded, can not be left to the next group;
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