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What are the system functions of the glass tempering furnace?

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There are many kinds of glass tempering furnace, and the structure is becoming more and more complex, but from the angle of realizing the function of the system, it mainly includes the following subsystems: power system, transmission system, execution system, control system and control system. In view of these four systems, the technical personnel of Luoyang Shing Cheng glass have done the following detailed introduction to you.


1. glass tempering furnace power system
It includes the power machine and its matching device, and it is the power source of the mechanical system. According to the different nature of energy conversion, it can be divided into one power machine and the two power machine. A power machine is a machine that transforms natural energy (primary energy) into mechanical energy, such as internal combustion engines, steam turbines, water turbines, etc. The two power machine is a machine that transforms two energy sources (electric energy, liquid energy, gas energy, etc.) into mechanical energy, such as motors, hydraulic motors, pneumatic motors, etc. The glass tempering furnace adopts the two power machine, that is, the power system of the motor.
2. glass tempering furnace execution system
It includes the executive and executive components. It uses mechanical energy to change the nature, state, shape and position of the operating object, or to detect and measure the operation. It is a device for production or other predetermined requirements. The execution system is usually at the end of the mechanical system, which directly contacts with the operation objects, and its output is also the main output of the mechanical system. Therefore, the performance of the execution system directly affects the performance of the whole system.


3. glass tempering furnace transmission system
The transmission system is the intermediate device that transfers the power and motion of the power machine to the execution system. The transmission system has the following main functions: deceleration or acceleration movement, reducing or increasing the speed of the power machine to meet the needs of the execution system. Continuously variable speed motion, the force or torque required when a stage shift does not meet the requirements or is not economical. If the working performance of the power machine fully meets the requirements of the execution system, the transmission system can be omitted, so that the power machine can be directly connected with the execution system.


Control and control system of 4. glass tempering furnace
The control and control system is a device for coordinating the operation of power, transmission and execution systems and accurately completing the functions of the whole machine. The main difference between the two is that the control system refers to the device that realizes the above requirements by manual operation, including starting, closing, braking, transmission and reversing. A control system is a device, such as a servo mechanism, an automatic control device, which can change the working parameters or the running state of the control object through a manual operation or a signal obtained by a measuring element. Good control system can make the mechanical system in the running state, improve stability and reliability, and have better economic performance.


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