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Double room glass tempering furnace

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Double room glass tempering furnace
The double chamber glass tempering furnace is also called double chamber tempering furnace, combined type tempering furnace and double chamber glass tempering equipment. The working principle of the double room glass tempering furnace: the defects such as serious optical deformation (wave rib), thin plate glass spherical bending, thick plate glass pitting, white fog and blast furnace in the production of building steel glass, especially steel and toughened coating glass, are found in the ordinary glass tempering furnace. These problems are in the double room glass tempering furnace. But it can be solved.
In the combined glass tempering furnace, the glass has experienced two different heating stages: the first is to preheat the low temperature in the preheating furnace. In the preheating furnace, the temperature is uniform and easy to control in the low temperature environment. It can make the glass evenly and effectively heat, avoid the glass edge angle to rise too fast, and reduce the temperature difference of the glass edge angle, thus effective. The optical deformation of the sheet glass and the easy appearance of the spherical surface of the glass are solved. At the same time, because the temperature of the preheating furnace is low, it is very effective to avoid the phenomenon of the thick plate glass easily appearing the point, the white mist and the blast furnace. The combined glass tempering furnace can be divided into electrical appliances glass tempering furnace, building furniture glass tempering furnace, solar glass tempering furnace and so on.
The technical features of the double room glass tempering furnace are as follows:
The glass passes through the preheating furnace and enters the reheating furnace; the heating furnace is usually set at about 700 C. Similarly, the temperature in the furnace is relatively stable because of the small temperature difference. In contrast, the glass enters the constant temperature environment. At this time, the glass heat absorption efficiency is weakened, the glass shape is stabilized, and the deformation may be reduced.
Therefore, according to the heating characteristics of glass, the combined heating furnace is more consistent with the physical properties of glass by enhancing the heating efficiency of glass at low temperature. In this good environment, the heating process is completed, and the yield and quality of the glass have been greatly improved.
Performance of double room glass tempering furnace:
1. Double chamber heating can effectively shorten the heating cycle, increase the output by about one time, increase the efficiency of the fan twice, and save energy significantly.
2, the front heating chamber can use lower working temperature, reduce the adverse reaction of glass after entering the furnace, and improve the surface quality of glass.
3. It is especially suitable for toughening and coated glass toughening, with less damage and better tempering quality.


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