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How to maintain the control system of glass tempering furnace?

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In the production process of glass tempering furnace, due to the error of control system, serious accidents may occur in tempering furnace and tempered products. Therefore, both the forced convection steel tempering furnace or the flat bending tempering furnace, daily maintenance is necessary, so as not to affect the service life of the tempering furnace. But what is the correct procedure for daily maintenance? The relevant personnel of Luoyang Shen Cheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd. will give a detailed introduction to the maintenance steps of the control system of the glass tempering furnace.


Routine inspection and maintenance project
1, check the toughening furnace operation box, operation desk, electric cabinet and so on whether there are debris and dust, clean up;
2. Check whether the cabinet door of the electric control cabinet is reliable.
3, check whether the buttons, switches on the operation cabinet, station and screen door are intact and whether the installation is reliable.
4, check the operating cabinet, the indicating device on the operation screen door and whether the instructions are normal.
5, check the operating cabinet, the indicator light on the operation screen door (including the alarm bell) is intact, and the instructions are normal.
6. Check whether the foot switch action of testing glass toughening furnace is flexible and reliable.
7, check whether the emergency stop button function is reliable.
8. Check whether all photoelectric switches and encoders in the glass toughening furnace are loose or misplaced, and whether the working signals are normal.
9. Check whether the ventilation fan in the control cabinet is working properly.
Weekly maintenance projects
1. Once a week, wipe the surface of the photoelectric switch with lens paper.
2. Check whether the wiring in control cabinet (including grounding wire) is loose, shedding or short-circuit.
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3. Check whether there is any loosening, adhesion or fever in the heating line of the toughened furnace.
4, check whether the relay is sensitive, whether there is abnormal noise, whether the contact is reliable or not.
5, check whether the main switch is flexible and reliable.
6. Check whether the solenoid valves in the testing glass toughening furnace are sensitive, reliable and have no fever.
7, use vacuum cleaner to clean all electrical cabinets and boxes.
8. Check whether the fan in the converter of the tempering furnace is working properly and remove the dust from the inlet.
glass tempering furnace
Monthly maintenance project
1. Check whether the wiring of the control transformer is loose or falling off, and whether the winding is abnormal in heating.
2. Check whether the current transformer is reliable and whether the wiring is loose or not.
3. Check whether all the protective earthing wires in the cabinet are connected reliably.
4. Check whether the grounding wires of the motors are connected reliably.
5. Check whether there is any loosening of the grounding wire connection between different sections of the equipment.
Checking maintenance projects every season
1. Check and test the on-off characteristics of solid-state relay in the control cabinet of toughening furnace, replace it according to circumstances.
2. Check whether the operation characteristic of each thermal protection relay is normal and replace it according to circumstances.
3. Measure and record the static resistance of each heating unit, test and record the heating current and check whether it is in the normal range.
4, thermocouple test check, change as the situation;
5. All mechanical and inductive limit switches on site shall be tested and replaced according to circumstances.


Check the maintenance project every year
1. Toughening equipment protection grounding resistance test, if necessary, reset the grounding connection.
2, motor maintenance;
3, the converter maintenance of the tempering furnace.


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