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What are the heating modes of glass in a tempered furnace?

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Toughening is the rapid and uniform heating of the ordinary annealed glass to the softening point temperature near the glass in a tempered furnace. Then the glass is cooled quickly and evenly with the appropriate cooling rate. In the process of cooling, a pressure stress is formed on the surface of the glass. The stress of the glass surface should be offset first when the glass is destroyed, thus reaching the glass surface. To improve the mechanical strength of glass and increase the number of particles after destruction, it has the properties of safe glass.


Heating of tempered glass:
Heating is one of the most important and important links in the tempering process of glass. The basic requirement of the glass heating by the horizontal steel process is that the glass must be heated to the required temperature quickly. When heating, the temperature of different glass regions can be controlled within the set range. The temperature difference between the glass surface and the middle is small. During the heating process, the glass does not produce deformation, and the appearance quality of the glass does not change. Change. The uniformity of heating is also the core and difficult problem to be solved. At present, all the steel furnace manufacturers, such as Luoyang shshing Glass Technology Co., Ltd., are making great efforts to adopt new methods and new processes to solve the problem of heating uniformity.


The heating mode of the tempered glass is:
There are three ways to heat the glass in the tempering furnace: heat conduction, thermal radiation and thermal convection.
1. the conduction furnace ceramic roller passes the heat to the glass through contact with the lower surface of the glass. It is very important to ensure the stability of the temperature of the ceramic roller during the heating process of the glass. Therefore, it is very important for the customer to buy the tempering furnace, whether the temperature of the ceramic roller can be adjusted and the temperature of each point on each roller is consistent.


2. radiation - heating wire inside the furnace transfers heat to the glass. The control of radiant heat during glass heating is an important technology to ensure uniform heating of glass. However, as the coating on the surface of the coated glass reflects the radiant heat to a different degree, it is more difficult to control the radiant heat in the tempering furnace.
3. convection heat transfer of heat to glass through forced hot air flow. Convection heating does not take into account the type of glass. No matter what kind of glass, hot air molecules transmit heat to the glass through forced flow. It is true that convective heating is very effective for all kinds of glass, and convection heating is faster than radiative heat transfer.


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