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The tempering furnace needs to stop and clean up the furnace regularly

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The tempering furnace needs regular stopping and cleaning to run better. Let's take a look at the inspection and cleaning methods of the tempering furnace.
Inspection of a steel furnace before stopping the furnace
Check the tempering furnace body and the windscreen without glass to stop the furnace.
Methods and steps of stopping furnace in steel furnace
The electric heating of the furnace is closed and the furnace roof is cooled quickly to make the tempering furnace cool naturally. At this time, the steel furnace door is not opened, and the roller is always in a slow running state. When the furnace temperature is below 300 degrees, open the furnace door and separate the furnace body at a time of 10-20MM to cool it down.
Method of cleaning furnace for steel furnace
The roller table is cleaned daily, otherwise the dust will easily enter the toughened furnace with the glass and pollute the ceramic roller in the tempering furnace.
The ceramic roller in the tempering furnace is regularly cleaned to ensure the quality of tempered glass.
Cleaning method of ceramic roller
First use the vacuum cleaner in the cleaning furnace and the roller way to use 400 or 600 emery cloth to soften the hard dirt on the surface of the roller, until the surface of the roller is smooth and smooth. Use clean adhesive wet cloth to wipe from one end of the roller to the other end. Do not rub back and forth on the surface of the roller table. Clean the surface of the dust. Heat the furnace to 100 degrees and naturally cool to room temperature. Check it by hand, confirm that the roller is completely clean and can be fitted to the tempered furnace body for normal use.
Steel furnace cleaning specific attention:
The roller can be washed with water, and no soap or detergent should be used.
Avoid hard objects bumping toughened furnace roller, higher than 50 degrees strictly prohibit toughening furnace roller.



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