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Luoyang steel furnace equipment which is good

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Luoyang Shen Cheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd. mainly operates: glass processing equipment, glass tempering equipment production, installation, technical service and relocation and transformation of the project. The new toughening equipment developed by Luoyang toughening furnace equipment factory is cheap, time-saving, electricity saving and labor-saving, and is very suitable for the friends in the cabinet industry. We always adhere to integrity and benefit customers, insist on using their own services to impress customers. With you hand in hand, create a better future!
The category of glass tempering furnace: the equipment can be divided into forced convection heating tempering equipment and radiant heating toughening equipment according to the heating mode characteristics of the equipment. If divided according to heating mode, it can be divided into electric heating glass tempering furnace and gas heated glass tempering furnace. It can be divided into flat steel equipment, curved steel glass equipment, continuous steel equipment, two-way steel equipment, combined steel equipment, unequal arc bending steel equipment, hanging furnace and so on.
The importance of toughening furnace mechanical equipment fittings to the tempering furnace is equivalent to the right arm of the people, which is irreplaceable and lacking. The quality of tempering furnace accessories can prolong the service life of the tempering furnace, thereby improving the working efficiency of the tempering furnace. If there is a problem in the operation of an accessory, it may cause the whole machine to stop and repair, and even more, if the damage of the accessories is not found in time, it will cause the whole machine to be damaged or even discarded. Accessories are small, but they play an important role in the operation of the whole equipment. If the quality of parts is not good enough, a slight difference will affect the performance and quality of the whole equipment.
The main purposes of the glass tempering furnace are as follows:
Glass tempering furnace is to heat the ordinary flat glass to close to the melting point of glass, and then make rapid cooling to make the surface of ordinary glass produce stress and obtain high performance index glass. It has higher mechanical strength: the bending strength is 4~5 times higher than that of common glass with the same thickness, and its ability to resist dramatic temperature difference is 3 times that of ordinary float glass of the same thickness. The deflection is 3~4 times larger than that of the ordinary glass, and it is tiny grainy after breaking. It can avoid hurting people. The application of tempered glass: flat tempered glass is mainly used for building doors and windows, building glass curtain walls, all kinds of thermal kiln door observation windows, other places which need safety and temperature upheaval, and can be used as the original piece of hollow glass and laminated glass.
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Luoyang Shen Cheng Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is newly developed and made of small tempered equipment. It is cheap, time saving, electricity saving and labor saving are very suitable for the friends of the cabinet industry. We always adhere to good faith and help our customers


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