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How to choose a steel furnace accessories manufacturer

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How to select manufacturers, many customers have a lot of questions about the steel furnace accessories products, and at the same time, there are many things that do not know when choosing the manufacturer, especially on the characteristics of the products and different kinds of different uses. Next, the toughening furnace manufacturers will give you a brief introduction:
The main components of the toughening furnace accessories are the roller table, the roller table, the wind grid roller table, the heating furnace and the air supply system.
The role of the main system of the tempering furnace parts:
The inlet / outlet roller table is the transmission channel for glass production, which is responsible for transporting glass products into heating equipment and toughening furnace fittings for cooling devices.
Wind grid roller table: it mainly adjusts the position of glass in heating and cooling process, and the glass can be heated and cooled evenly.
Heating furnace: it is a toughening furnace accessory for heating glass.
Air supply system: it is divided into high pressure and low pressure wind, which is mainly responsible for cooling and tempering of glass after heating.
Electronic control system: the electrical system is mainly the control system, which regulates the control system and the programmable control system, such as the temperature of heating, the sharp intensity of adjustment, etc.
The basic components of toughening furnace accessories are mainly those. But in the choice, we must understand the main types of glass products, different types of glass need different construction methods, temperature, wind are different, this involves the choice of parts is different.
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