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What kinds of new glass energy sources

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There are many new types of glass energy. Today, we briefly introduce the following categories.
1. solar photovoltaic panels:
The production of solar photovoltaic panels is made of silicon crystal plate and circuit board, before the use of laminating machine, but the cost of the laminator is high, and the production is very low, so the laminator is being phased out. The processing technology of EVA laminated glass equipment is quite simple, and the output is very high. Now it is gradually becoming the market.
2. conductive glass:
Conductive glass is made up of two layers of glass interlayer conductive plate, which can be controlled by alternating current, and is generally applied to many high-end products. The market is quite good in Europe and America.
3.LED glass:
LED glass is made of two layers of glass combined with LED board. It can give out signal indication on the energized state and is generally applied to aviation. LED glass is currently used on the southern China Airlines.
4. electric glass:
Electric heating glass is made of two layers of glass, with electric heating wire and film, which is mainly used in trains. First, avoid frosting and affect sight; two, ensure safety.



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