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Abnormal problems occurred in the production of tempering furnace and treatment methods

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We often encounter many problems in the production of tempering furnace. Today we summarize these common problems and solutions, hoping to be of use to everyone.
(1) the glass cracking in the wind grille in the production
The a producers found that the glass in the wind gate should immediately take the tight stop button of the wind gate control switch to avoid the cinder cut off by the wind gate roll.
B after the wind gate is blown, the upper wind grid is opened or raised, and the residual glass slag in the wind grid is cleaned to the wind grid pit with an iron hook.
C open the wind gate tight stop switch to step down the foot pedal switch to make the wind grid roller rotate, check whether there is residual glass slag, bending wind grid should twist the lower air knife operation check if there is glass stagnation.
The flat steel produced by D 22B should be manually lowered and leveled after the inspection is completed.
E in the process of cleaning glass slag, be careful not to extend the body into the wind grid to prevent danger. The cleaning work should be carried out quickly before the bottom glass is released.
(2) a furnace or an ovens in the process of production
It is found that after the explosion of the glass in the furnace, the team members must be calm and calm, take the head of the squad leader as the leader and obey the leader's command and distribution.
A immediately took the red system stop button on the operation desk and reset the button. The squad leader took the lead in arranging the two people to shake the furnace body and the wind grid drive, and shake the glass jade fragments from the wind gate as soon as possible.
B bending steel should first wind the wind gate segment to be flat, the upper wind grid rises, and quickly insert the crank to shake down the table.
C is shaking while arranging a person to use the iron hook in the wind grid segment to quickly knock the hot glass slag to the slag workshop, so as to prevent the hot glass slag from burning down the rubber roller.
D if the glass slag card is stuck between the stick and road at the door of the furnace door causes the sticking of the stick road to stagnation, then the straps of the stick road should be loosed and the body of the furnace is hooked up with the hook of the hook, so as to minimize the slag drop in the furnace and avoid the damage to the ceramic roll.
E if the frying phenomenon is mild, the furnace should be washed with a side bar after treatment. After the point is disappearing, it will be put into production again. On the other hand, the temperature should be cooled and the relevant leaders should be informed.
F if the glass has been softened in the furnace and can not be rocky on the ceramic roller because of the operation error in the production, the belt of the corresponding porcelain roll should be loosed to stop the rotation, wait for the cold treatment after the cooling, and inform the relevant leader.
G during the cooling process, because the furnace still has a higher temperature, it is necessary to ensure that the ceramic rollers are at a rotational state at all times, so as to avoid the deformation of the ceramic rollers for a long time.
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